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November 2018


PBL as a Tool of Increasing Students’ Engagement

SLE/JSE: Tourist Guide in QR Codes & PBL as a Tool of Increasing Students’ Engagement
During their stay in Croatia, teachers worked on project-based learning as a tool of increasing students’ engagement. Read more »»»


Our group

SLE/JSE: Raising Democracy and Augmented Reality & Augmented Reality Apps For Education
Students Learning Event was focused on mobile learning through games concentrating on augmented reality games. They took part in a role play as an approach
to teaching with drama techniques. Read more »»»

March 2019

September 2019


AEBenavente meeting

SLE/JST:  Challenges – EU and the Future of Democracy & Coaching a 21st Century Classroom
Students will work in international teams to achieve two goals: prepare the simulation of the future parliament and write The 2030’s Universal Declaration on Democracy. Read more »»


"Turkey wait for us!! We're coming!"

SLE/JST: Future Active Citizens: “Volunteering As An Exercise of Democracy”How Can Blended Learning Approach Improve Students’ Success?
The participant will be involved in real charity events and voluntary work developing healthy relationships. Students and teachers will realise why volunteering can be seen as an exercise in democracy as voting once a year is by far not as important as a deed you do in your community. Read more »»»

November 2019

September 2020

Poland (online)


SLE/JST: Practice Your Solidarity & ICT-Based Approach to Competence Based Teaching
The development of humanity and solidarity was the expected results which would be achieved with SLE. Students did interactively and collaboratively work with experts on first aid which enabled them to become active responsible citizens. Read more »»»

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