Meeting in Portugal

September 2019

This students’ learning event was done through workshops and presentations organised by an expert and accompanying teachers. Students learned about how democracy functions in The Portuguese Parliament – São Bento Palace learning onsite and using the newly acquired knowledge in their projects. Students worked in international teams to achieve two goals:
- Prepare the simulation of the future parliament;
- Write The 2030’s Universal Declaration on Democracy.

This will result in The 2030’s Universal Declaration on Democracy, a new issue of RRC e-magazine and in a film Challenges: Future Democracy in EU Future EU Parliament Scenario Simulation. 

SLE: Challenges – EU and the Future of Democracy

Challenges – EU and the Future of Democracy

In order to work the Future of Democracy and deal with the Challenges Democracy will face in the Future, the students were asked to prepare and role play a simulation of a Parliamentary Session.

The 2030’s Universal Declaration of Democracy

The 2030’s Universal Declaration of Democracy

Role play

Students of all countries decided of the topics they would talk about and the arguments they would bring against and for each topic during this simulated session of the European Parliament. Here's the result.

Read and download the final document here »»»

JST: Teaching assignments

Media in Foreign language teaching


How Media Literate are you?


Using Media as a Tool for a Lifelong Learning (Akif Kaya)


 Workshop – Formative assessements and webforms/Web tools: new perspectives


Link to Spiral & Edulastic

Digital Competence as Vital 21st Century Competence


Link to the Canva design & to the download of the presentation »»

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