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Presenting the project RRC Erasmus+.
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RRC by Tertúlia Académica

Interview - radio

Radio Iris of Portugal made an interview with the coordinator of the project in Portugal – teacher Cristina Silva – and some of the students involved in the project. This interview happened when the students and teachers involved in the project visited the Portuguese Parliament.

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in percursos

Newspaper article

An article written by a participant in the Croatia Meeting, telling her experience and her opinion (page 12).

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Here, there and everywhere

Our actions and voices reaching the world.

AEB Meeting Magazine online

Online magazines

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Learning designers' access

RRC E-Book

Online publication with all the links for the Learning designers of ICT. Click on each article to access.
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Project's website

Project's Website

Main website of the RRC Erasmus+ project with all the information collected.

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fb page

Project's Facebook page

Raising Responsible Citizens (RRC) is a collaborative project in which students from Croatia, Poland, Turkey, Portugal and Greece will work together :)

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